5 Things You Can Do to Attract Millennials

Be Clear

You must be clear on your company’s mission and vision. And that must be clearly displayed in everything that your company does. This clarity helps to make sure you show up authentic and doing so makes you more attractive to millennials.

Be Community Oriented

You must be actively engaged in the community. Millennials are very community oriented and work to give back even if it means paying more for a product or service; and they expect their employers to share those same values.

Be Open

Millennials are more diverse than any other generation before them and that diversity is embraced. If you want to attract millennials to your organization you must be open to diversity.

Be Flexible

Flexible work hours are highly sought among millennials. In fact research has shown millennials will choose flexibility over a higher salary. Therefore being flexible is a requirement for your business to attract millennials.

Be Developmental

Millennials grew up in environments with constant feedback and still seek that as adults. They want to continuing growing and as an employer you must have programs in place to help millennial employees continuing their development.

5 Things You Can Do to Get the Best Results from a Consultant

For years companies have hired consultants for various reasons including to seek an outsiders point view, needing extra help to complete projects, and work with an expert in a specific area. And doing so can be very beneficial and cost effective for companies who choose to hire consultants as they need them.

So how to make sure that working with a consultant is beneficial for your? How do you make sure to get the best results.

To help you answer those questions, I have five steps you should take. Actually you should make these steps nonnegotiable.

1.Decide whether or not you really need help. Do you really need the help of a consultant and if so what exactly is it that you need help with. There are several different types of consultants out there and if you cant decide if you need help and what you need help with you may very well end up hiring the wrong type of consultant which will only leave you in the same place you started.

2.Be clear about your expectations. Once you hire a consultant be clear with them about what it is you want and need up front. Be sure you and your consultant are on the same page; if others will be involved in project make sure they are away of expectations as well. Make sure you put everything in writing and have copies you (and other critical parties) as well as your consultant will sign.

3.Have regular checkins. Meet with your consultant on a regular basis to discuss progress that is being made and any obstacles that may have risen. This helps to keep everyone on the same page and also allows you to make adjusts as needed to complete the project.

4.Respect Boundaries. Understand that everyone may not work the same hours and respect those boundaries. You may work late nights or on weekends but your consultant may have strict rules about not working on weekends so be mindful of calling, texting, and emailing them during those times. As a matter of fact discuss this and include in expectations set in step number 2.

5.Ask Questions. Just like in school it is acceptable to ask questions when you do not understand something. If your consultant makes a suggestion you do not understand or agree with ask questions so you can gain clarity. Asking questions will help improve the quality of the results that you get.

By taking these five steps you will increase your chances of success when working with a consultant making the experience both pleasant and beneficial for both sides.

10 Ways to Show Your Employees You Appreciate Them

10 Ways to Show Your Employees You Appreciate Them

Companies across the world are struggling to retain employees but many are overlooking a very simple technique.

One great way to retain employees is to show them they are appreciated. And no I am not talking about the one week per year where you decorate the company halls and hand out company branded items. I am talking about taking the time to show your employees they are appreciated all throughout the year.

And this is a requirement if you really desire to retain reduce turnover rates and keep those hard working employees.

Try out these tips in your office today.

Treat Them to Lunch
Take some time out of your busy day and treat your team to lunch. Use this time to get to know them better, unwind, and express appreciation for all their hard work.

Celebrate Significant Events
Remember your employees spend a lot of time at work and also have lives outside of the accompany. Take the time to recognize and celebrate events such birthdays, anniversaries, and accomplishments with them.

Be Flexible
Offering flexibility does not cost you as much as you may think and in some cases, it can even save you money. Think about it employees that have more flexibility are happier and less stressed which can save on health cost while increasing productivity.

Offer Prime Parking
Recognize an employee’s hard work by offering them prime parking. This may seem a little old school but it still works and it is a public show of appreciation. Everyone likes to shine from time to time.

Install a Point System
Allow employees to earn points for a job well done that can be redeemed for tangible items. This allows employees to see you appreciate them and pick out items they will really want and use.

Offer Movie Tickets
Purchase a pair of movie tickets and give them half day or even or full day off to go see a movie. AND make sure it is a pair of tickets so they can take someone with them if they choose.

Support Their Development
Support your employees personal and professional development. Give them time to take courses that interest them. You can also bring in experts to teach them.

Feature Them
If you have a company newsletter feature them in it recognizing their accomplishments and time with the company. Have an employee spotlight section on your website for the public to see.

Learn and Use Their Name
You want to make sure you are showing sincere appreciation for employees. What better way to do this than to make sure you learn and use their name.

Research has shown time and time again employees stay where they are appreciated especially among younger generations. Pick one or two of these tips and implement them in your office day so you can increase your retention rates.

A Frustrated Parents’ Guide to Patience with Millennials

It is one thing to learn and practice patience with your children when they are small, but it is a whole new ball game when they become teenagers and then adults. Your child pushes your buttons more than ever during these years and you get really frustrated. Well, to be honest, if you are like others I have spoken to and worked with you have probably lost your patience. You might even be on the edge of catching a charge (or two).

But have no fear. I am here to help you regain your patience and avoid catching that charge.

Check out these steps to help you build your patience muscle.

Understand Your Triggers
These are the times and things that where you are likely to have the least amount of patience and get frustrated quicker. Is is after a long hard day of work? Is it early morning or late night?

Consider taking part in some relaxing activity during these times. Also consider saving serious, high-stress conversations with your millennial for another time.

Find The Challenge
What exactly is your challenge with your millennial? What causes you to lose patience? Is it communication styles or lack of communication? Is it the direction they are going in life? Once you find the challenge focus on how you can eliminate that challenge.

Consider Their View
Listen to what your millennial is saying. Pay attention to their behavior. Now before you respond, think about how you felt when your parents responded to you in similar situations. Could you be making them feel bad, unworthy, or pushing them away?

Be Proactive
Be an active part of your millennial’s life. Don’t wait until something bad happens or a difficult situation arises. Reach out to them and keep the door open for them to talk to you; let them know you are available and want to be a part of their life. But do also be mindful of being overbearing.

Be Patient With Yourself
Remember this is a process and change will not come overnight. You may make mistakes along the way or feel like you are not making progress but don’t beat yourself up.

You may have been pushed to the limit and way past cool, calm, and collected but you can get back to your calm place. Just start using these tips every day. Once you start using these tips every day you will be able to better handle your frustration and be more patient with your millennial.

4 Ways to Engage Millennials in the Workplace

4 Ways to Engage Millennials in the Workplace

Recent studies have revealed that 71% of millennials are not engaged at work and 6 out of 10 millennials are open to new job opportunities, and half plan to leave their current company within a year. These numbers should be alarming to you because they contribute to low productivity levels and high turnover rates.

With so much focus on how to attract millennials, there must be equal attention given to retain them once you hire them. Without this attention, your company will continue to struggle when it comes to the millennial generation ultimately losing money to high turnover rates and having to constantly hire and train new employees.

You must create an environment that engages millennials. When more engaged people feel that they matter to the company, produce better work, and stick around much longer than those who are not actively engaged in their work.

Here are four tips to help you engage millennials.

Team Building Activities. Having regular team building activities allows everyone to take a break from the work and to get to know each other. They also help employees feel as if they are truly part of a team and not just individuals working different parts of a project or just in the same department.

Involve in Decision Making Process. Allowing millennials to become part of the decision process lets them know their voices matter and they will be more engaged with the company because they know they matter.

Mentoring. The concept of mentoring is nothing new and as been used in all types of environments because it is highly beneficial to all involved. It helps individuals grow personally and professionally teaching new skills and putting hidden skills to use.

Show Appreciation. A simple “thank you” or a “job well done” really goes a long way in keeping millennials (and others) engaged in their work. This shows you see how hard they work and lets them know their contributions do not go unnoticed.

If you truly want to retain the millennial generation that is currently over half of the workforce and estimated to be 75 percent of the total workforce by about 2025, you must start engaging them more today. Refuse to engage them and your company will continue to lose money and struggle to keep much needed staff. 

What to Do When Your Empty Nest is Not So Empty

What to Do When Your Empty Nest is Not So Empty

Generation Y A.K.A Millennials has been given many nicknames and many labels based on various stereotypes and statistics. Today I want to focus on one specific nickname- the boomerang generation.

The Boomerang Generation is a nickname given to the millennial generation because of the trend of moving back home with parents. In fact, some studies report that as many as 40% of millennials currently live at home with parents.

The reasons millennials are moving back home vary from taking care of aging parents to simply not being able to survive on low wages. Other things to consider include wanting to save more for their own home and pay down debts like credit cards and student loans.

So what exactly do you do when your empty nest is not so empty? When the children you helped pack up and ship out are pulling up in your drive with a U-Haul carrying all their belongings?

You do two things.

Remember they are now adults. Yes, I know as a parent you are going to say “But that’s always my baby no matter how old they get.” But they are now adults with their own things going on and do not want to be treated as children. I mean think about it, the older you got the less you wanted to be babied, hovered over, and treated as a child. You adult child just wants the same thing.
This step will help with number one and several other things. Have some ground rules and sit down with your child to create a living agreement. These are often talked about in roommate situations for college students and friends rooming together, but when you think about it, it makes sense to put one in place when your children move back home.

Although these might seem like small steps they will make a huge difference and make the transition easier for all involved. They can also make a potentially one-sided situation beneficial for everyone.

Millennials are Struggling to Find Work

Millennials are Struggling to Find Work

Most millennials were raised to graduate high school, go to college, and get a good job. All this was to be done under the premise of “if you work hard enough, it will all pay off for you.” But somehow this has not turned out to be 100% true. Many millennials have done all the hard work but still struggling to find those good jobs and reap the benefits of all the years of hard work and focus. And those who find work tend to find themselves in a position where it is just not enough to live on.

The truth is even after getting the education we were told we needed so bad many millennials are facing brick walls and several obstacles in finding work.

One obstacle I was faced with over and over again was being told I did not have enough experience, you know when you reach out to follow up after an interview and they say “we went with a more qualified candidate” or they say “we wanted someone with a little more experience.” I was baffled by this because I had done everything right from going to college, internships, and volunteering but I still could not get hired in my field. My question I was thought was “How do I get the experience if no one is willing to give me a chance?” The thing about this is it was not and still isn’t only me in this situation. When I talk with my friends or scroll through social media many other millennials are also looking at this same challenge trying to figure out what to do next.

Now money isn’t everything but it most certainly is needed to survive in this world and getting enough from a job is quite a struggle for many millennials. There are some jobs willingly to hire and millennials are taking those jobs but the pay is low. It is so low it simply is not enough to live on especially when you consider the increased cost of living, high cost of food, high levels of student loan debt, and the cost to raise a family. As a result, many millennials continue to search for better-paying jobs or take on multiple jobs to try to make ends meets. And there are also many who move back home with parents because it is more cost effective.

Millennials are also faced with stereotypes and battling against statistics just like other generations before them. Yes, discrimination is illegal in hiring practices as well as other areas of life and business, but sadly it still happens. So in some cases employers will interview a millennial with no intention of hiring them because their mind is already set to believing the negative stereotypes and statistics about millennials such as millennials being lazy.

Another issue millennials have in common with other generations is the phrase “It is not what you know but who you know.” Has qualified as someone may be they have a very slim chance of getting into a company that operates on this model if they do not know anyone in the company that has some type of pull.

The next time you wonder why millennials are not working, are job hopping or are tempted to consider these struggles and remember there are other struggles as well. And if you are in a position to hire be willing to give a millennial a chance keeping in mind someone had to take a chance on you for you to get where you are.

Your Children are Dying

Over 40,000 people die by suicide every year in the United States making it the 10th leading cause of death in the country. And over the years rates have increased among young people.

When you look at suicide rates for young people between the ages of 15-34 you will find that suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for this group. This puts suicide ahead of homicides, cancers, heart disease, diabetes, and others among the popular causes of death.

Thats means millennials and generation Z are dying at their own hands and all alone.

But why is this happening? Why are your children dying at their own hands?

First lets talk about the intense pressure to achieve and be successful. My generation, the millennials, and those coming up behind us, generation Z are constantly under pressure to perform. The first source of pressure comes from our parents. Then there is all the pressure from peers, social media, and society in general. It all goes back to the environment in which we were raised where everyone gets a trophy but no one wanted the trophy for participating everyone wanted the big trophy and blue ribbon  to show off how well we performed.

Secondly lets consider the state of the economy and unemployment rates. Most of us were taught to go to college and get a good education so we could get good jobs. But when we get out of college there is a struggle to find those good jobs with great pay and benefits. As a result many are struggling to survive from one day to the next strapped with high student loan debt and being told we do not have enough experience to get the good paying jobs.

The third thing we must acknowledge is mental health. The number of individual being treated for depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues has increased. Too many times this area is being ignored or treated as if it is not real but each one is very real and are much more than just feeling sad, lonely, or worried.

What can you do about this?

  1. Shut up and Listen. Stop fussing, yelling and talking down to about about members of these generations. Take some time to really listen to when we speak up and pay attention to what is not being said was well.
  2. Encourage sharing of trials. More often than not the good times are celebrated and given all of your attention but the “bad” stuff is ignored or brushed off and treated as taboo.
  3. Stay connected without being overbearing. You do not have to be in your child’s face every hour on the hour or on the phone but do keep the lines of communication open. Let them know you are always available for them to talk to and when they call give them your attention.
  4. Don’t be selfish. If you find that your child would rather talk to someone else, do not get upset because they feel more comfortable with someone else. Help them find someone to talk to.

Suicide rates are high and young people are dying every day, but suicide can be prevented. It all starts with your being open minded, opening the doors of communication, and keeping those doors open.

Don’t Count Yourself Out

Don’t Count Yourself Out

Throughout the entire Super Bowl game the Atlanta Falcons held the lead. Even at the beginning of the fourth quarter, it was predicted that they might just win and fans across the world were ready to celebrate that big win.

But the players of the New England Patriots never counted themselves out; they never stopped playing. The coaches and members of them team kept working together to score and ultimately made an amazing comeback tying the game up. And for the first time in history, there was overtime for a Super Bowl game. During that time is when the Patriots scored and won the Super Bowl.

This reminded me of all the times I fought hard to achieve goals in life and business. All the times people told me I couldn’t and counted me out. And all the times I got discouraged and counted myself out.

I was reminded of the one thing I want to remind you. Do not ever count yourself out. As I posted on Facebook, “If the Patriots can make that kind of comeback, you can too. Hire you a coach (or more) and build up your team. Then do the work.”

You see the Patriots had great coaches who developed strategies to help them throughout the game. Each team member did their part and encouraged each other. And throughout the entire game they did the work required of them.

So when things get hard and you are not quite sure of how you will make it out, do not count yourself out. Call on your coaches and team to help you through the hard times and you too will come out a winner just like the Patriots.

Does Your Company Offer these things?

Does Your Company Offer these things?

Organizations are finding it harder and harder to hang on to millennial employees and seeking for ways to hang on to this large generation.

The problem is many organizations are failing to offer millennials the key things they are looking for in the workplace. Or if they offer them they are failing to follow through and truly provide millennial employees with these things.

What is it that millennials are asking for you ask? I am glad you asked.

Here are some things research has shown millennials are seeking in the work place.

1.Flexibility with schedule. Millennials are not looking to be tied down to a traditionally 9 to 5 schedule. There is a great desire for flexibility especially in environments where the work can be done remotely or at any time. Research has even shown millennials will favor a company with flexible schedules over one that offers a higher salary.
2. Opportunity for creativity. Research shows that about 73% of millennials consider themselves which represents a number of different things such as being innovative, having great ideas, and problem solving skills. In the workplace millennials want a chance to express that creativity. And this can be very beneficial to your company consider millennials also hold the highest purchasing power at $170 billion.
3. Mentorship.Millennials want constant feed back and one-on-one mentorship to help them learn and grow.
4. Opportunity for Advancement. Millennials want opportunities for advancement in the workplace. Seeking opportunities to for advancement for management and leadership.

If your currently does not offer or actually implement these things, I would suggest starting immediately. And if you are not the person in charge of one or more of these things I suggest you share this information with the person who is in charge and work with them to put everything into place.